In order to promote Brain Tumor Awareness the Andy Fund has teamed up with Danforth Pewterers to create a symbolic necklace and two pins.  These symbols are modeled after Andy's favorite flower, tulips.  We hope you will enjoy them, wear them proudly, and assist us with informing the public about Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Tumor Research.

The below form is to request Brain Tumor Awareness pins via e-mail.

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Please select your choice of Brain Tumor Awareness pins:

Pewter Pin - $25, $20 of which is tax deductible
Pewter Necklace - $35, $30 of which is tax deductible
24k Gold-plated Pewter Pin - $30, $20  is tax deductible

Please enter the number of pins you would like to purchase:

Pewter Pin
Pewter Necklace
24k Gold-plated Pewter Pin

Please forward a check or money order to:

Mr. John Nelson

Orchard North

379 Orchard Road North

Lincoln, VT 05443

Please write your check or money order to:

The Andy Fund

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Thank you for supporting The Andy Fund and assisting us with our mission to inform the public about Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Tumor Research at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center.


These Danforth pewter pieces were handmade with care in their Vermont workshop.  Since colonial times, the Danforth name has been associated with quality American pewter.  Continuing this tradition of craftsmanship, their designs are individually hand carved and then cast in the finest lead-free pewter alloy.

[ Glioblastomas and Cancer Facts ]

[ Norris Cotton Cancer Center ]

[ Glioblastoma Research | What is Needed? ]

[ Our 2005 Goal | What we have achieved ]

[ Donate On Line ]


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Created by Karla J. Nelson, Director.
Copyright ⰰ2 [The Andy Fund]. All rights reserved.
Revised: 08/19/04
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